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Thank You



Travis L.H. Spalding

My Brother


Sean and Travis on Beach Even though distance and time kept us apart
Youíve been my brother from the very start

From a baby you grew; to the teenager I knew
My biggest treasure is the love from you

When I needed a friend and I was feeling down
Only a phone call away; I knew you were around

I remember the sand and the waves of the cold Pacific
Running beside you was fun and terrific

Sean and Travis at Ranch Our good times together back on the ranch
So many thoughts to express but never the chance

The pictures you sent of the boards being broken
I was so proud no words had to be spoken

Travis's Karate Achievement Card

Book Cover
When you traveled to Warrior to shed your tears
In Spirit Iíve followed you over the years

I try to visit late in the night
But the door in your mind is closed very tight

The drawing you made on the cover is shown
Though your name is missing I know itís your own

Travis at Grave Site
  Dad loves us both I hope you can see
I know his thoughts and thatís the key

So weep no longer my brother and try to rejoice
My life was cut short I had no choice

But your life will be long over-flowing with cheer
Just live to the fullestÖknowing Iím here!

Dennis, Sean, and Travis
Birthday Card Envelope from Sean to Travis
Front of Birthday card
Back of Birthday card


Music provided with permission by Wayra