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NA Tour 2007
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North American Tour 2007

Can Heaven Talk? Moving Beyond Grief


Ever since I wrote the book, "My Search for the Afterlife," I've often wondered what my purpose in life is suppose to be. During 1964-1968 I had (3) sets of orders to report for duty in Viet Nam; each time the orders were canceled for one reason or another. Did I have an Angel above watching out for me at the time, unlike many of my fallen friends and comrades; or was there a higher purpose my life was destined to experience and fulfill?

The journeys with my deceased son, Sean, have provided many Spiritual Crossroads in my life. Every crossroad proven to be a lesson to learn; as well as, another way to help those in grief move forward over the loss of a child, family member, close friend, or even the family pet.

In April of 2006, through a phone reading with a renowned psychic/medium, I was reunited with another son, Anthony, lost through an abortion almost thirty-five years earlier. The emotional impact this reunion had on my state of mind was so intense and thought provoking, I finally decided to step down off the fence rail I found myself sitting on for many years, in regards to making a commitment, to the controversial question of Woman's Rights: Pro Choice? or Pro Life?

My continued journey, with my two sons by my side, took me in the direction of the Radio/Television media networks to tell our story; hopefully, helping as many people as possible move forward in their own personal grief over the loss of a loved one.

I soon realized many of these gifted psychic/medium radio and television personalities, unique in their own way, also had, and strongly felt, a higher purpose in their own lives to help those parents, family and friends deal with the loneliness and desperation when losing someone very close.

The North American Tour 2007: Can Heaven Talk? Moving Beyond Grief is designed to give you answers so you can be able to take that very important next step forward in your life after the loss of a loved one. There will be time allotted, towards the end of this seminar, for messages coming from your loved ones; nevertheless, the main focus will be helping everyone move beyond their grief.

Come and be part of our audience and listen to our messages of hope and healing. Feel your own Spirit Guides and Angels intensify their presence, within your heart, mind and soul, as each gifted personality delivers their own God given messages of healing when The North American Tour 2007 comes to your city across America and Canada.


PRESENTING ... Seminar Team Healers, Guests and Authors

  Derrick Whiteskycloud: Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Author, Radio Show Host/Producer, "Between 2 Worlds," and teacher of Shamanic Healing, offered from the Great Spirit and passed down to those who wish to listen thru the sound of the drum beating within Mother Earth. Mr Whiteskycloud in known by fellow Canadians as the, "John Edward of Canada." Mr Whiteskycloud lives in British Columbia, Canada. Website:

Derrick Whiteskycloud
Natalie Natalie Smith-Blakeslee: Psychic/Medium, Grief Consultant, Pet Communicator, Television Show Host/Producer, "Messages from the Light," Natalie is also a bereaved mother who lost her daughter, Carrie, Oct 2005. She, and Dennis, both feel their children brought them together to help people move beyond their grief; a united force to be reckoned with in the years to come. Natalie lives in Erie, Pennsylvania. Website:

  Rev. Donna & Dudley Voll: Psychic/medium, teachers, Angel portraits, Radio Producers/Hosts, "Spirit Connections" Rev. Dudly Voll is a certified spiritual healer. Ms. Voll is able to connect Mr. Spalding with another son in April 2006, lost through an abortion over 35 years earlier. Mr. & Mrs Voll live in Atlanta, Georgia. Website:

Donna and Dudley Voll
Kelly Marie Kelly Marie: Medium, Spiritual Counselor/Healer, Animal Communicator/Healer, Reiki Master and Radio Producer/Host, "Spiritual Evolution," Kelly Marie lives in Garibaldi, Oregon. Website:

  Guests Diane & Pete Abercrombie: Bereaved parents of, "Bryan Paul Abercrombie." Their personal story is talked about in, "My Search for the Afterlife." The Abercrombie's live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Kelly Marie Guest Terri Bergman: Bereaved mother of, "Ashley Bergman." Her personal story is talked about in, "My Search for the Afterlife." Ms. Bergman lives in Seattle, Washington with her family. Website:

  Dennis Spalding: Co-author, "My Search for the Afterlife," and Bereaved parent. Mr. Spalding lives in Des Moines, Washington where he continues to write about the journey with his (2) sons in his next book, "Messages from the Next World...His Signature." Please visit his Cemetery on the Internet, "The Garden of Flowers" where you can enter the name of your own lost loved one, to visit in the comfort of your own home, any time day or night. Website:
Dennis Spalding


Tour Schedule

Date Location Time
October 27, 2007 Seattle, Washington 6:00 - 9:00 PM
TBD Cleveland, Ohio / Erie, Pennsylvania TBD
TBD Atlanta, Georgia TBD
TBD Ashville, North Carolina TBD
TBD Vancouver, B.C. TBD



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