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Natalie's Page




           August 17, 1978 - October 2, 2005


Sept. 24, 1968 - March 14, 1993








Natalie Smith-Blakeslee is a psychic/medium, pet communicator, medical intuitive and the host/producer of her own television show, "Messages from the Light."

Unlike most mediums and psychics I’ve come across in my Journeys in the Spiritual Realm, Natalie is also a bereaved mother. She lost her daughter, "Carrie" to leukemia October 2, 2005. She was only 27 years old.

Our children, Sean and Carrie, both very strong and determined... Spiritual Energies, brought us together in 2006, because of our common goal: To help bereaved parents move forward in their grief process after losing a child; additionally, helping others who’ve lost close family members and friends.

As a young child, at the age of 6, Natalie knew she had this gift from God; nevertheless, unlike most children who didn’t have to deal with this type of ability, she found it very difficult to express what she was seeing, feeling and hearing; especially to family members.

The most unique part of her gift is the ability to communicate with her own daughter, Carrie, during her ...down times; where the mind shuts off contact with spirit trying to come through with a message, except for emergencies; along with Carrie dropping by, on occasions, to help out her mother during various live readings on stage, and phone readings, she conducts for others.

With all that said, Natalie is like every other grieving parent that has lost a child still miss their physical presence around you on a daily basis.

Natalie has developed many websites to help those in need. Please take the time to visit each site and find out if it can offer you healing in your own grief:



Finally, Natalie, and her fiancé’, Dr. Stephen Hodack, have created a brand new project entitled: "Balloons 4 Healing."

This loving gift from Natalie, and Steve, has been arranged to help those parents that are away from the grave site of their lost child, temporarily or permanent.

Moms and Dads from all over the country, and around the world, can be part of this grief healing process. The volunteers who have signed up for the program, and live in the state, or area, where the child is buried, would ensure that those parents could count on another parent to help them remember their child’s Heaven Date and Birth Date.

This event could take place using: flowers, balloons being released, a phone call, even digital photos could be taken an shared with the bereaved parents. For more information and volunteering, please contact Natalie and Steve at the following email addresses:


"Messages from the Light"
October 16, 2006



Music provided with permission by Wayra