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In Loving Memory
Sean Spalding

In Loving Memory
9/24/68 - 3/14/93
Goodbye Sean
The angels were singing the day you were born.
You were my special boy and I named you...Sean.

I held you in my arms, close to my heart.
Then, one day, the trauma of losing you
almost tore me apart.
After that, I knew the angels were with you
never to depart.

I watched you grow; each day I loved you more.
It was hard to imagine as you stepped out the door
and walked all the way to Uncle Bill's Store.

It was hard when the miles separated us.
Your drive to achieve was always a plus;
so off to college and the working world you went.
Success followed you with every marathon attempt.

Although you left home, you were never too far away.
AT&T got the money, but you made my day!
So many times, you knew just what to say,
"Everything's gonna be all right," you said in your special way.

A sweeter, kinder person you never could meet
For Sean, with a smile
would go the extra mile
to help a needy person in the street.
So much love he had to give
So much life he had to live...

The angels took you away on that fatefal day.
But, my love for you is here to stay...
Goodbye Sean.



Sean's Picture Gallery

Young Sean Smiling Sean Ring Bearer
Uncle Jack's Wedding
Pondering Loved to Eat
Heavenly Music Sean & cousin Bobby Clowning around at pool-side in California Travis and Sean Age 14
Awaiting flight back to Cleveland, Ohio Bonding with brother Travis A Gentle Breeze
Pacific Ocean
Ocean Shores, WA
A day at Cleveland Zoo with family and his two brothers, Travis & Josh Spalding Rat Pack
Rayshal, Alexa, Travis, Sean
Having fun in the pool with brother Travis Pre-graduation visit to Mentor, Ohio Graduation Day Pride and Joy
"Sean's Camaro"
Receiving gifts
One of his many faces Last photo memory


Music provided with permission by Wayra