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A father takes a spiritual journey into the afterlife in search of a son he lost in March of 1993 (Click to see picture of father and son). He becomes aware of clues and information, in the form of numbers, through a renowned medium to help him along this path. At the end of his travels, the father realizes the journey has just begun. He and his son work together through the medium, or other outside forces, to make their story told. They both want the world to know truly goes on after death... you don't always need a medium in your life to have special contact with your loved ones!

SEAN39S-CORNER is a website dedicated to the memory of my son; as well as, my other family, friends and relatives that have crossed over to their new life on the otherside. This site will also be used, by my son and me, to promote the publication of our spiritual story. Our hope is to inspire others to open up their own psychic and spiritual awareness to the possibilities and realizations that communication between our two worlds of existence can be achieved.

Your love ones are only a thought away

Can we communicate with the other side? Can they communicate with us? I believe anything is possible. Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing.

To those who visit this site, we encourage you to take a spiritual journey of your own into the next world; a meditative trip into the spiritual realm of the afterlife in search of your own family and friends, whatever your religion may be. This spiritual path can be taken and followed time and again. Eventually, it will provide you the comfort and peace it has given me in finding my son. You don't have to have a psychic or medium around on a daily basis to communicate with your loved ones. Remember: everything in life doesn't have a scientific explanation. Sometimes you just have to believe what your heart, mind, and soul are trying to tell you.

If you ever have one of those: "Wow! That was different" moments in your life, don't let this special experience go by unnoticed. Everything does happen for a reason. Maybe, just maybe, your loved ones are trying to get your attention; trying to warn or caution you. Then again, maybe they're just trying to say "hello, I'm here beside you." It will surely bring peace, comfort and happiness in your loved ones life to know they haven't been forgotten.

Spirits will communicate in different ways. Heighten you own psychic and spiritual awareness by opening lines of communication and watching for their signs. Listen with your heart, mind and soul for their message. Take a moment to let them know you're still thinking about them; let them be your angel or angels. Believing in the signs given after death from the spirits in the next world offer insight and hope in this world; thus alleviating any fears of our own death whenever that might occur. Death is just the next phase of our spirits journey into the afterlife or next world.

Sean chose special numbers to get my attention - 3/14/93 & 9/24/68 & 29. These numbers are now his signature. Even when a medium or psychic isn't around, I know these messages come from Sean, family or friends on the otherside.

I will honor my commitment to pass on all messages I receive from the next world to their intended loved ones. I hope to provide insight, spiritual healing, physical healing, hope and love with the delivery of these messages; along with the hope of leaving the door in the receiver's mind, cracked open just a little to consider the possibility that communication with their loves ones on the other side is possible.

Take small baby steps in the beginning. A moment or two once a week or once a month isn't asking a whole lot. Your loved ones are only a thought away. Communication can be silent thoughts or spoken aloud; either way your messages will be heard and appreciated.

It is such a good feeling to receive an unexpected sign. Listen to your mind and thoughts; they could be thoughts or messages provided by the spirits of your family and friends.


Music provided with permission by Wayra