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Uniquely authored from beyond the grave and co-authored in this world by

Sean & Dennis Spalding

A story worth reading.
A story worth telling.
A story worth believing...

My Search for the AfterLife," is on the following recommended reading lists: Bob Olson's ("" weekly spiritual magazine editor) new website -, Christmas Miller's (Psychic, medium, consultant and Talk Radio host) website -, and coming soon in October 2006 Tracie Austin's ("Let's Talk Paranormal" television host/producer) website -


"MY SEARCH FOR THE AFTERLIFE, A Trail of Clues" is uniquely authored from beyond the grave and co-authored in this world. The book is available for order at AuthorHouse,, Barnes&, and other book retailers.

An Excerpt:

I'm standing across from the nurse's station in my father in-law's nursing home, awaiting my wife and her mother to leave the room. A lady in a wheel chair stops in front of me and starts talking: "I lost my towel with my number on it at the dinner table," she confesses. "This other lady took my towel and gave me her towel with her number on it. I want my towel with my number on it back, so I can give her this towel with her number on it."
I'm at a lost for words; I can only smile at her. A nurse is passing by a few seconds later. I mention the lady is missing a towel. The nurse shrugs her shoulders and continues down the hallway; the lady in the wheel chair rolls off in a different direction. It only takes a few seconds for me to realize what just took place. "Thanks, Sean," I respond in my inner thoughts. "Good morning to you too, son."
My book involves a number theory.
My son died on the 14th of March 1993
Lady in wheel chair = 1
Number + number + number + number = 4 (number)
1 & 4 = 14

My book involves a number theory which is based on the dates when my son was born and when he passed away. It is also about using the special number we shared the last time we were together. It is not a theory to make money. It's used by me to recognize the information has come from my son, family or friends on the other side. The number clues are used by those in spirit to validate messages sent between worlds. The number theory is also used to indicate a strong possibility that something may occur; especially if the numbers pertain to an upcoming event such as a seminar, or group reading by a well-known psychic/medium.

In general, an occurrence will happen because of my heightened awareness to everything going on around me. I take notice and make a mental note. At a later time, I sit down and re-look at the occurrence. I look at the date, time or whatever and compare it to my number theory. I allow my thought process to guide me in whatever direction I'm meant to go.

My belief: my thought process is controlled by the sender of the occurrence during this time, hoping I will be able to understand its full meaning. Usually the numbers, or other clues, fall into my proposed theory.

What I don't do: I don't write down the date, numbers, or clues in advance and try to make something happen or presume something has or will happen in order for it to fit into my proposed theory.

Nevertheless, this number theory is...for my own benefit. I simply share the information with the readers to allow them to see how my son and I communicate. Each person will have to develop their own psychic and spiritual awareness to find out how their loved ones are trying to communicate with them.

Open up your heart...mind...soul if only for a moment, then ask yourself: What if it's real? Do you really want to miss out on this special moment arranged by your loved ones?


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My second book, "MESSAGES FROM THE NEXT WORLD, His Signature" is presently underway. Watch for its publication date on the website.


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