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About the Author

Dennis Spalding


I presently live in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle metropolitan area, with my wife Wanda. We've been married over twenty-seven years. Since we were both previously divorced, we have four children between us. One passed away in early 1993 and is the subject of the book, "My Search For the Afterlife," while the other three are grown and living their own lives in the surrounding area.

I manage an Air Traffic Control tower at Renton Airport. Besides writing, my other passion is my Scottish heritage. I belong to Clan Murray and take pride in wearing my kilt. I assist our local Clan Commissioner in various activities related to the Scottish games in the Pacific Northwest.

My first writing venture took place in the mid-eighties when I was stationed overseas with the U.S. Government in Pago Pago, American Samoa. The story was about the 1981 Air Traffic Controllers strike. The title, "August Skies 1981" was based on the event created by President Ronald Reagan, and the firing of over 12,000 Air Traffic Controllers.

Because of the many technical issues involved in my story line, it didn't catch the eyes of various editors; it's still sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I plan to address the issues brought to my attention by several publishing companies at a later date during my retirement years.

My current book, "MY SEARTH FOR THE AFTERLIFE A Trail of Clues," is a result of the devastating effect when a parent loses a child. Unless you're a parent who has suffered a similar loss, one can't imagine the emotions a family goes through in dealing with this grief. After a few years, I became determined to find my son in the afterlife. I kept a log throughout my journey. What I found during my search, and continue to find on a regular basis, has turned my life around and allowed me to find what I perceive purpose in life.

I've decided to share this story with an audience of listeners in the hopes of making a difference in this ever changing world filled with hate, anger and violence. My awareness around my life has increased ten fold. Is there life after death? My son has made me a believer! Not only during my adventure, but on a continual basis to help in making our story told. Nevertheless, each reader will have to decide for themselves on the evidence presented. They will have to examine each clue I've laid out before them. At the end of the day, only one question will remain: what if this story is true?


Dennis Spalding
United States Marine Corps
Air Traffic Control
Federal Retirement
July 1997
Dennis and Wanda
Clan Murray
Highlander Games


Music provided with permission by Wayra