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Never Say Goodbye



This poem was sent to me by a visitor to our site. Because it expressed my inner thoughts so eloquently, and touched my heart, I've received permission to place it on my website for all to read and enjoy; I'm sure it will touch the heart of anyone who has lost a child.
I will Never say goodbye---As a tear drop leaves my eye---Never say Farewell To him who will not hear me tell.
With him I journey, onto yonder plain, Carried with spiritual heart of pain,
To see him safely to the other side, and leave when tortured grief subsides.

Nay forgotten is my Bonnie Laddie who lays with flowers in fields of glory.
Nay forgotten is my Bonnie Laddie who blessed the earth, with his stamp and story.
Nay forgotten is my Bonnie Laddie, he filled our hearts with abundant joy,
Nay forgotten is my Bonnie Laddie, In sweet memorium lays my Bonnie boy.

Nay say farewell to my Bonnie Laddie who passes by---seen with fleeting shadows in my eye.
With a sense of knowing---I speak aloud to my Bonnie Laddie---the ether around me glowing.

The body lays in sweet repose in perfumed ground of fresh laid flowers---New mown grass around the resting place sweetened by gentle showers.
Nay, my Bonnie Laddie lays not in this place---where body corrupts in disgrace.
My Bonnie Laddie lives a new life, in uplands far above our ken---With the love we gave him in his old life, to strengthen him till we meet again.

I say not my goodbyes with tears in my eyes, No one has gone from my heart.
My Bonnie Laddie remains with his Daddy, No death with hold us apart.
I know he is with me---yet I cannot see---my Bonnie Laddie with earthly eye
Yet I feel him around me---his presence surrounds me---there can never be a goodbye.
There can never be a goodbye.

My Bonnie Laddie Lives on with his Daddy

Written from the heart by Gordon Mills


Music provided with permission by Wayra